Monday, October 29, 2012

Tool # 10 1) Things that students should understand about being good digital citizens is to take advantage of the incredible tool available to them. The need to explore the web as well as contribute towards appropriate and useful content. I want them to understand that their contributions can improve and encourage discussions, and can also hurt and cause damage. They have the opportunity to contribute to web projects all over the world. 2) I would like to further explore Atomic Learning's Creative Commons workshop on licensing creative work. This might encourage students to create web work knowing it could be licensed. 3) One way to teach digital citizenship is to compare similarites and differences of how students learned 20 years ago compared to now. All the technology tools available today allow us to access an incredible amount of information in little time. I also want to compare and contrast the effects of contributing appropriate content that helps vs. the ramifications of contributing hurtful, inappropriate content. 4) In watching my students utilize web resources for learning, parents will ultimately be drawn in to the technology. Through my teacher website and use of technology in my projects the parents will see the usefulness of the web.

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