Monday, October 29, 2012

Tool # 11 1. In reflecting, I did enjoy several new ideas. First, is a fun and easy tool for students. I can easily envision the students creating simple comic strips to show understanding of a topic. Google docs has been the most used by me so far. I have had my students brainstorm simultaneously on topics, and, I have shared several documents with other teachers for homework hall, tutorials, and generally keeping up with students needs. 2. My thinking has transformed in that I really need to push myself to utilize more technology. I do not have to know 'how' to do it all, as my students can often help me out as well as my teaching partners! I have enough hardware to complete the mission, I just need to amp up my risk taking to accommodate the 21st Century learner. 3. There were actually no unexpected outcomes. I knew I would learn something, and I did! Lots of 'somethings'.

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